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Calling 911 for emergency help:

Only dial "911" for emergencies. For non-emergency information, call Columbia County 911 at: 518.828.1263

Be prepared to answer the 911 Dispatcher's questions quickly and accurately. Calmly and clearly answer their questions. They will ask you for information such as:

What is your emergency? Tell them why you are calling, such as:

  • Do you smell smoke?

  • Is there a visible fire?

  • Is something getting really hot?

  • Is there an accident?

  • Is someone hurt?

  • Is someone or something scaring you?

What is your phone number?

  • It is critical that you give them the phone number you are calling from. If you get disconnected, they need to know how to reach you.

  • If you are calling from a cell phone that does not have a "sim" card or not activated, it may still call out but it will not accept incoming calls. Call back to 911 if you get disconnected!

What is the location of the emergency?

  • Do you know the exact address?

  • Do you know the closest street intersection?

  • Can you describe the house, nearest building, or landmark?

How many people are involved?

  • Are you hurt?

  • Do you know if anyone else is hurt?

  • Is someone trapped?

What is your name?

  • Identify yourself. The firefighters or rescue technicians may need you to describe what you have seen or heard when they arrive on the scene. Your knowledge of the situation may save critical seconds in someone's life. 

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