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Junior Firefighter fighting grass fire
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You Can Make A Difference!

We encourage young men and women who are

16 - 17 years old to become Junior Firefighters

and help us keep our community safe.




  • Can ride and respond in GVFC vehicles to alarms, fires, and incident calls.

    • Your participation on fire scenes will be limited to “Exterior Activity Only” and you will not be allowed to enter burning structures until you reach 18 and have the proper training and certification.


  • Will be encouraged to attend the monthly membership meetings, including the eligibility to vote on issues at hand.


  • Participate in all department drills, training classes, and assist in the monthly truck and equipment inspection process.

    • These classes are held during the evening and on weekends.


  • Train on the use of firefighting power equipment, including electrical, hydraulic, and gas-powered devices.

    • However, you will not be allowed to operate any of these devices at emergency scenes until you reach 18.​


  • Have access to various Columbia County and NY State run firefighting courses.  These classes will prepare you for regular membership duties and responsibilities when you turn 18 and will put you in line for advancement in the ranks.

  • Receive an annual physical (health) exam, as required of all active firefighters.  This exam will be arranged for through a local medical facility and paid for by us.


  • Learn that there are very few other things that you can do that will give you such satisfaction and pride!



    • These requirements will be in place until you turn 18 years old.


Parental Consent


To join, your parent or legal guardian will need to meet with either one of our Chiefs, or our Recruitment Officer.  At that meeting, your parent or legal guardian must sign a consent form in order for your membership application to be processed.


Your Hours of Participation


Participation in Fire Department activities will be allowed so long as doing so does not interfere with your school attendance or required school activities. We also limit Junior Member participation to 9:00pm on nights prior to a school day.


If you have questions about becoming a member, please click on the “FAQ” tab at the top of the page, or contact us at

Interested In Joining?

To Get Started:

Email us at


One of our officers will contact you, answer your questions and arrange to meet with you, should you wish to proceed.


Be sure to download and fill out the application below, then email it to us.

College Tuition Assistance

FASNY's Higher Education Learning Plan

Have questions?

  • Click on the “FAQs” tab at the top of the page for quick answers to many of the more common questions.

  • Go to our “Contact” page to submit any questions.

For an application, click on the icon at right.

To view, print, or download Membership Application:

  • Click on the icon at right to open, then either:

  1. Print a copy and fill out by hand -or-

  2. Click on the blanks spaces and type in your information -or-

  3. Save a copy to your computer and perform either Step #1 or Step #2

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